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专题三 阅读理解十三 【山东省烟台市2012届高三第一次模拟】 D In the past decade, openness has become mainstream, and the vast majority of domestic adoptions 家庭领养 are open ones. Even so, potential adoptive parents and birthparents are often fearful when they first hear of the concept. Making Room in Our HearlsKeeping Family Ties Through Open Addption answers the most common questions about the influence of open adoption, and how it affects the lives of everyone related. Duxbury, a family expert who specializes in adoption advice, is also an adoptive parent. Her book opens with her own family’s story. Duxbury surveyed 150 families, but her book is not a collection of data. Instead, it allows these families to share their thoughts and wisdom, their joy and pain;
OB体育官方the stories communicate the great happiness families feel at“working together for the sake of the child”and the steady view that the adoptive parents are the parents. They also touch on problems that can arise from opening closed adoptions. The most convincing advocates for open adoption here are the adopted teens themselves. Commenting on the question people always ask“Are you confused about who is you real mother”, Josh, age 2l now. states,“Kids aren’t stupid. I think I would be confused if my birthmother was not in my life. But my birthmother is not another parent. Your parents are your parents. My birthmother is really important to me. She is like a speciai aunt, but she is not my parent.” “Openness gives children the gift of possibilities, for now and for the future,” writes adoption expert Patricia Martinez Dorner in her closing thoughts.“It is not a ctre-all, but it creates the possibility for a stronger sense of permanence and identity.” This book is important reading for everyone touched by adoption. 71. The first paragraph is written with the aim to . A. advise people to open their adoptions B. bring in the topic of open adoption C. explain why open adoption has become mainstream D. advertise the book Make Room in Our Heart 72. What kind of view may both Duxbury and Josh agree with A. The adoptive parents are the parents. B. Only stupid kids may regard their birthmother as parent. C. A collection of data of adoptive families is useless. D. All adoptive families should share their joy and pain. 73. We can leam from the text that kids of“closed adoptions” . A. will not be told the truth of adoption B. hate their birthparents very much C. usually have fewer family problems D. will become stupid with no birthparents 74. The adopted children’s attitude towards open adoptio11 is . A. ridiculous B. disapproving C. positive D. uncertain 75. We can learn the advantages of open adoptions in . A. paragraph 2 B. paragraph 3 C. paragraph 4 D. paragraph 5 【答案】 71-75BAACD 【山东省枣庄市2012届高三第一次模拟考试】 下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

OB体育官方A James Arruda Henry, a 98-year-old retired lobsterman, has written and published his first book, “In a Fishermans Language“, after learning to read at the incredible age of 91. Mr.Henry spent most of his life without even his closest family members knowing he was illiterate 文盲).Forced to quit school in the third grade to take some jobs, he kept the secret close to his chest - only telling to his late wife. A family problem in his 90s sparked his encourage to restart his education.“He signed a document he could not read,“ Mr.Henrys granddaughter said.And then, after hearing about George Dawson, a son of slaves who learned to read at the age of 98 and went on to write a book of his own, entitled “Life Is So Good“ at the age of 101, Mr.Henry took up reading. “If he can do it.Im going to try,“ Mr.Henry said.Starting with his name.he eventually moved on to ABC’s and childrens books.He put them down for four years after the tragic loss of his wife.But eventually he went back to reading and with the help of his tutor began to record his life. He wrote about his family’s voyage from Portugal to the U.S.his many journeys at sea and how he was unable to save another fisherman who had fallen overboard.He became a carpenter and even a professional boxer - and eventually built his own home in Stonington Borough. His life stories have become so popular, in fact, nearly 800 copies were sold in the first two weeks of the books release last month.One thousand more have since been printed as requests for the book flood in from as far as Germany.And now even Hollywood producers have approached Mr.Henry about optioning the rights to his life story for a big screen adaptation. 56.Which of the following is true of Mr.Henry A.He couldnt read when he was retired. B.He was not a good student at school. C.Only his family members knew he was illiterate. D.He published his book at the age of 91. 57.Mr.Henry made up his mind to study because he . A.had some trouble with his granddaughter B.couldnt sign the document he was given C.wanted

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