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OB体育官方 1 人教版七年级下册英语人教版七年级下册英语 12 单元作文范文单元作文范文 Unit 1 Can you play the guitar Dear Sir I want to join your club to help kids with sports music and English My name is Mike I am 15 years old I m a student in No 1 Middle school I can play the guitar well I can sing many songs I can swim and speak English well too I think I can be good with the kids I also do well in telling stories I hope to get your letter soon Yours Mike Unit 2 What time do you go to school 谈论日常作息习惯 My School Day I am a student I usually get up at seven and I eat breakfast at seven thirty Then I go to school at eight School starts at eight thirty I eat lunch at twelve I go home at 17 00 I often eat dinner at 19 00 and then play the piano I do my homework at 20 00 At 22 00 I go to bed Unit 3 How do you get to school 1 主题 上学的交通方式 2 思路 开篇点题 点出自己的出行方式 3 具体内 容 自己选择这种交通方式的原因 4 结束语 表明自己的观点 The Best Way for Me to Go to School Different students go to school in different ways in our school but I like to go to school on foot First of all I live near the school so my home is not far from my school And it takes me a few minutes to get there Second there is a crossing on my way to school and sometimes the traffic is very busy I think it is safer to go to school on foot Third I think walking is good for my health It s a kind of sport and it makes me study better So in my opinion the best way to go to school is on foot What about you 2 Unit 4 Don t eat in class Dear Tom Thanks for your last letter You want to know the rules in our school Now let me tell you about them We can t arrive late for class We can t talk loudly in class We should keep quiet When we meet our teachers on our way we should say hello to them We can t eat or drink in class and we can t listen to music or play games in class I think we have too many rules What about yours Please write and tell me Yours Li Ming Unit 5 Why do you like pandas The Animal I Like There are many kinds of animals in the world What animal do I like Let s know her Many people like her very much I also like her She is from China She is very cute She doesn t eat grass and meat at all She eats bamboo every day She is so nice She is black white She has two big black ears and eyes And she also has black legs and arms What animal is she She is a panda I like panda very much Do you like her What animal do you like Unit 6 I m watching TV It s seven o clock in the evening Kate s family are all at home Kate is doing her homework Her father is reading a book Her mother is watching TV Her grandfather is listening to the radio and her grandmother is cleaning the room Her sister Betty is playing computer games They are all enjoying themselves 3 Unit 7 It s raining The Weather in Beijing Hello everyone I m from Beijing Do you want to know the weather in Beijing Now let me tell you something about the weather here In Beijing spring is very short and warm In summer it s very hot but it often rains We often go swimming in the river In autumn the weather is very dry and cool We often go to the farm to work with the farmers to help them In winter it s very cold and sometimes it s snowy and windy I like swimming so summer is my favorite season Unit 8 Is there a post office near here Where is the hotel Let me tell you how to get there Go down this road and then turn left Go through First Street and second Street When you come to Third Street turn right and walk on You can see a bridge over a river Go across the bridge Then you can see the hotel It s on your right across from the post office You will find it Unit 9 What does he look like Lost Kate a twelve year old girl is lost in the street She is of medium height with short hair She has a round face and small eyes She wears a pair of glasses She wears a white shirt a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black sports shoes If anyone knows her please call Mr Green at 26458132 Thanks a lot 4 Unit 10 I d like some noodles My Favorite Food I am a middle school student I like to eat healthy food I have milk eggs and bread for breakfast For lunch I would like rice fish and vegetables I like chicken juice rice and hamburgers for supper Of all the food my favorite food is chicken and apple juice Unit 11 How was your school trip I had a busy weekend On Saturday morning I did my homework and then I played computer games In the afternoon I visited my grandmother We talked for a long time On Sunday morning I cleaned my room and did some reading Then I cooked for m parents In the afternoon I watched a football match on TV and listened to music I had a good time Unit 12 What did you do last weekend My friend Li Hua came to visit me on May Day During the following days I showed him around the city We went to the Guangzhou Museum on the morning of May 2 We learned much about the history of Guangzhou In the afternoon we climbed the Baiyun Hills It was really great fun In the evening I took Li Hua to the night zoo It was interesting to see animals at night The next day we went to the bookshops to buy books Though

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